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Motivation and Struggles from the mind of a Fitness Competitor

Oftentimes people ask me what it is that keeps me motivated with my training and diet regime.  I think when they ask this question they’re hoping to hear some magical recipe or they want to hear that I’m different somehow, so that they have an excuse because I must not be human or something.  I probably let them down in the worst way.  I’m not some kind of Energizer Bunny.  I have daily struggles with energy levels and would LOVE to be a couch potato at times!  So, in terms of being “motivated”; I’m not!

Let me explain…………….

To me, motivation is fleeting and while it was what started me on my fitness journey it’s not what keeps me in-line day to day.  I was initially motivated to be fit and muscular instead of being the pudgy lump of a person I was.  I wanted a change, a challenge and (I’ll be honest) to look HOT! 

In all the years of hard work that followed and at present as a competitor, what keeps me on track isn’t motivation but momentum.  I’m one of those people who needs to be doing something almost constantly in order to stay interested.  I need to IMMERSE myself into it, live it, BECOME it.  This is why I only take a day or two off per week – anything longer and it’s the BIGGEST struggle to get back in the game!  It’s just not worth it to me, I would rather suffer through when I’m not feeling “into it” and keep up momentum than give in and be sloth-like, then struggle to get started again.  This is of course while still listening to my body – if I’m feeling sick or something on a day that isn’t a scheduled rest then that’s a different story.  You can re-arrange your schedule to work with your body while moving towards your goals.

So you see…..momentum is key!

The bottom line here after all this ranting is that I have an evolving goal to be the best I can be on stage and in life and I put in the work to make it happen.  Even if I no longer have pounds to lose or a competition looming close on the horizon I still continue to work out, eat healthfully and take my AP Regimen supplements to support my efforts.  I don’t want to undo the results I’ve worked so hard to achieve, OR even worse, become unhealthy or diseased now or in my advancing years.  Maybe it’s fear that drives me?  Who knows, but I figure why work for something so hard for let’s say 3-4 months out of the year to let it all slip away in the off-season?  Then, you have to start all over again! 

On those days when my bed looks a lot better than the dumbbells (trust me, it happens maybe more than I care to admit) I have to literally kick myself in the ass to get started, but I’ll do it anyways.  Sometimes my workouts are lackluster but isn’t it better to have at least tried?  Everything in nature ebbs and flows – human kind isn’t immune to this phenomenon.  Remember that even if you’ve had a crappy workout, you’re still doing more than anybody who is sitting on the couch.

The moral of the story:  The next time you feel like you just “don’t wanna”, know that EVERYBODY has days like that.  Everything in life is a choice.  You can either choose to let lazy take over or you can choose to be your BEST “you”.

I hope you make the right choice!