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Weight Management & Sleep Support

This stack is specifically formulated to optimize your day & unlock your full potential both in & outside the gym. Expect better performance with Top Burn, by naturally boosting your energy levels, cognitive acuity, and burning fat in the process. As you grind out those grueling workouts to get closer to your desired physique with Top Burn, sleep soundly at night with Hyber-Nite allowing you to fully relax, rest and recover for ultimate gains!

Stack Contains:

- Top Burn
- Hyber-Nite™

Why It Works

Top Burn™Boosts energy levels, cognitive acuity, and burn fat in the process? Unlock your body’s natural potential with Top Burn™.  Made with premium patented ingredients like Alpha GPC and Dynamine™, you can expect a major energy boost with enhanced “laser focus” and no jitters or crash.

Hyber-Nite™Promotes proper sleep patterns and recovery tactics maximize stubborn fat loss and muscle gain ability. If you shortchange yourself in the recovery department, you’ll never achieve your full potential. When your head hits the pillow after a long day, optimize your hormones and recover faster by releasing all anxiety from the day. Relaxation is key when going to sleep and staying asleep for the whole night. Getting to a deeper REM sleep is crucial for complete recovery from the day before.

Sleep more efficiently to set the tone for tomorrow's workout. Wake up feeling complete clarity without the grogginess. This carefully crafted formula features the highly researched ingredients GABA, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP to maximize GH/IGF levels, relax brain activity, put you in deep REM Sleep, and naturally burn fat more effectively.

Suggested Use

Morning: Take anywhere from (1) to (4) capsules based on your personal preference and/or stimulant tolerance level you can add Top Burn™ into your daily morning regimen. (Do Not combine with other sources of caffeine)

If desired and after assessing tolerance level the dosage can be split where additional capsules are taken 5-6 hours later or as Pre Workout. Do not exceed (4) capsules a day. (Do Not combine with other sources of caffeine)

Before Bed:Take (4) capsules of Hyber-Nite™ 30 minutes before sleep. Some users are suggested to take (4 capsules) 90 minutes to 30 minutes prior to sleep depending how fast you can fall asleep.

These two stacked together provide full 24-hour support allowing you to accomplish your fitness goals faster while optimizing your health!