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Andy Huang

Andy is a Powerlifter and coach operating from Southern California. He was born in Taiwan before moving to San Diego where he grew up. As a powerlifter, Andy is currently the 4th ranked 275lb Raw powerlifter of all time and continues to compete at the highest level. 


Kimmy Johnson

Kimmy Johnson is a 57kg powerlifter that competes in USAPL & IPF. She has been competing in powerlifting for almost a decade! 8x National champ, 3x Arnold champ, 1x world champ & several records held.


Joe Ballinger

Joe participated in sports at an early age, most notably rugby where his coach introduced him to powerlifting. He went on to become a British, European and World powerlifting champion, also breaking a British record for the deadlift. Joe plans on competing to win his IFBB pro status the next time he takes the stage. 


Justin Woodard

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Suzanne Ngo

Suzanne Ngo is currently prepping for her first powerlifting meet in March 2021. A champion powerlifter in training, if you will. She began her competitive fitness journey in 2016 and placed first in her class in 2017 @ NPC Fit Worlds.


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